The Contract


     The contract is a very important document. Not only is it a binding agreement between you and Morse Enterprises, it is a detailed description of the work we will do, the cost to you, completion dates, and the payment schedule.  It is very important for you to review it carefully and ask any questions or make any changes before you sign it.  Our contract is divided into several sections:.


Cost to you and payment schedule:  This section outlines when each payment or draw, is due.  It is based on key completion points in the project.  If you are financing your project through a financial institution, we will work with them to formulate an appropriate draw schedule.  The payment schedule depends on the size of the project.  Typically, payments are spread over three to six payments for larger projects, and one payment due at completion for small projects.  (See the Services page for more information on payments and contractors).


Scheduling:  This section includes a start date, time table, and completion date.  We make every attempt to provide a realistic time table based on the scope of the project and our experience. We complete over 90% of our projects on-time, however, dates are approximate and can change based on weather, material availability, and other factors beyond our control. Any changes in scheduling will be communicated and explained fully.


Scope of Work:  This section is the most important of the entire contract.  It explains, in detail, every step of the process - what we will be doing and how we will be doing it.  All materials are listed with manufacturer, sizes, colors, model numbers, and any other pertinent information.  This level of detail ensures a smooth process and eliminates any last minute decisions that can change the length of time it takes to complete the project and increase cost. Any changes you make to the project after the contract is signed will be done through written change orders that explain in detail the change and additional cost.